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23 marca 2017
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Instytut Amerykanistyki i Studiów Polonijnych, Instytut Nauk Politycznych oraz Towarzystwo Doktorantów UJ zapraszają na międzynarodową konferencję "Obama's America : Change and Continuity" 27-28 Maja, Uniwersytet Jagielloński, szczegóły na plakacie i na stronie:

Institute of American Studies and Polish Diaspora, Institute of Political Science, and PhD students Association invite you to an international conference Obama's America : Change and Continuity" May 27th-28th, Jagiellonian Universite, for details please consult our website

Thursday, May 27th 

Collegium Novum: 

10.30-11.15 – Opening: 

U.S. Consul General Allen Greenberg,  

Prof. Andrzej Mania, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, Jagiellonian University    

11.15-12.30 – Panel I: U.S. Foreign policy, part 1 

  • Marcin Grabowski (Jagiellonian University): Obama’s Policy and the Asia-Pacific Region. Is Change Visible? 
  • Monika Różalska (Institute of Political Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, Collegium Civitas, Warsaw): Emerging of Obama’s Policy towards Africa – African Hopes vs. American Pragmatism 
  • Anna Trzaska (Jagiellonian University), Konrad Błażejowski (Jagiellonian University): Taking a Bow Too Seriously: Power and Etiquette in the U.S. – Japanese Relations 

Jagiellonian Library (BJ): 

14.30-15.45 – Panel II: U.S. Foreign policy, part 2 

  • Piotr Waldemar Pietrzak (University of Warmia and Mazury): The “Obama Doctrine”:Does It Still Reflect Current Global Circumstances? The Main Obstacles in the Implementation of American Geostrategical Imperatives in the Global Age 
  • Przemysław Furgacz (Jagiellonian University): Obama’s Policy toward Iran and Its  Nuclear Program  Anna Tomaszczyk (University of Warsaw): “Change We Can Believe In”?  Obama’s Presidency and the US-German/European Relations   

16.00-17.00 – Panel III: Political processes

  • Miloš Čalda (Charles University, Prague): Barack Obama and the Pendulum Factor 
  • Maciej Cerynger (Warsaw School of Economics): Putting  Obama’s Presidency in Perspective – Are We to Witness Another Reconstruction of American  Political  System?                 


Friday, May 28th 

Jagiellonian Library (BJ):   

10.20-11.00 – Opening remarks by prof. Patrick Vaughan 

11.00-12.15 – Panel IV: Social dimensions of “Obama’s America”, part 1 

  • Steven Tuch (George Washington University), Michael Hughes (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University):Whites’ Racial Policy Attitudes in the Obama Era: The Continuing Significance of Racial Resentment 
  • Michał  Różycki (University of Warsaw): A Conspiracy of Hope: Paranoid (re)Interpretations of Barack Obama’s Presidency 
  • Iwona Sadecka (US Consulate General, Kraków): Barack Obama: New Generation of Political Leadership                                       

12.30-13.45 – Panel V: Social dimensions of “Obama’s America”, part 2  

  • Aleksandra Niemczyńska (Jagiellonian University): Changing Image? An Analysis of Obama’s Characteristics According to 2007-2010 Survey Reports 
  • Anna Dziduszko-Rościszewska (Jagiellonian University): Is America Waiting for Another "Tea Party"? Tea Party Movement 
  • Paulina Napierała (Jagiellonian University): Obama Seen as More Friendly To Religion Than His Party      

15.00-15.50 – Panel VI: Political institutions 

  • Maciej Turek (Jagiellonian University): Change in Continuity: Vice-Presidency of Joe Biden. An Early Assessment 
  • Kryštof Kozák (Charles University, Prague): Obama and the Supreme Court: The Clash to Come?        

16.00-17.10 – Closing lecture: Roy H. Ginsberg (Skidmore College): Obama's Foreign Policy: The Second Year and discussion at the U.S. General  Consulate in Krakow, Stolarska 9 (Guests: early registration required at 12 424-5190)

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